Spirit to Serve

As part of our identity, the Spirit to Serve Marriott’s philosophy means to help provide shelter and food, working for a cleaner and healthier planet, preparing people for a promising professional future in the hospitality industry, helping people in need, support diversity and people with disabilities especially in the workplace.

 Throughout the year, Marriott Resort Puerto Vallarta permanently sponsoring associations as Agape, Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza (Orphanage), Arturo and the children of God, Nursing Home San Juan Diego, Food Bank of Puerto Vallarta, Municipal DIF, Mama Rosa, and many other associations in-kind donation of food, linen, ballroom spaces, room nights for auctions, dinners and more to support those most in need.

 At  Marriott Resort Puertp Vallarta  we have a very important role in our community and feel a great responsibility to support the development and welfare of it. This spirit is more than an attitude, but rather a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of those around us. The solution to the complex problems that are rooted in our society depend on a multitude of resources, talents and experience; it takes teamwork to create strong communities.

 These feelings of support are involved in various initiatives and organizations, but we are particularly proud of the contributions made by individual partners Marriott Resort Puerto Vallarta. The dedication and enthusiasm exemplify this great "Spirit to Service"